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Reviving Kathmandu ALL IN bundle

Reviving Kathmandu ALL IN bundle

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Our hottest offering! This bundle includes everything you need to play the game with 1-6 players PLUS all the extras:

🔸Reviving Kathmandu base game:
🔹 1 suitcase (magnetic game box)
🔹 1 passport (rulebook)
🔹 1 metal first player marker
🔹 1 neoprene playmat
🔹 1 drawstring pouch
🔹 1 wooden D4 (for solo play)
🔹 6 dual-layer player boards
🔹 30 wooden coins
🔹 24 wooden point markers
🔹 60 blue building cards
🔹 50 red building cards
🔹 10 mission cards
🔹 6 reference cards
🔸Reviving Kathmandu Senior Architects Expansion:
🔹1 tuck box
🔹1 English rulebook
🔹6 architect cards (character cards)
🔹10 public goal cards
🔹10 advanced mission cards 
🔸Holo Bhairav mini expansion
🔹5 holofoil Bhairav cards in 5 colors

🔸Holo Buddha promo pack
🔹5 holofoil Buddha cards in 5 colors

🔸Rainbow promo pack
🔹7 unique wild cards for the Red deck

🔸Reviving Kathmandu wallpapers for desktop and phone
🔸Reviving Katmandu digital prints

The second game in the Globetrotter Game Series, Reviving Kathmandu is a 1-6 player bidding & set-collection family game that plays in 20-40 minutes. Travel to Kathmandu, Nepal as architects to bid, collect, build, and revive the earthquake-hit city of Kathmandu!

About the game

Inspired by Nepal🇳🇵

The second game in the Globetrotter Game Series, Reviving Kathmandu is a 1-6 player bidding and set-collection family game. Build pagodas, stupas, statues and shrines, to earn the most points and become the most respected architect in Kathmandu!

Thank you for all 2059 Backers who supported this project on Kickstarter.


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