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About us

We are Krisztina & Tamas, nice to meet you!

We have studied, travelled and laughed together for the past 15 years, which contributed to us ending up as a couple and eventually forming Lemery Games.

We love adventure and many times, we find ourselves in extraordinary situations by coincidence. These are the funniest and the most memorable moments of our lives. We decided to take some of these moments and use them as an inspiration to design tabletop games.

Our mission is to not only create great games that are genuine, versatile, and fun, but to have a positive social impact: we give back to the countries that inspire our games.

  • Chili Mafia cards

    Chili Mafia


    'The card game that packs heat' is the first game in the Globetrotter Series. Travel to Mexico to become the most respected Chili Mafia boss!

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  • Reviving Kathmandu


    'Bid. Collect. Build.' Travel to Nepal to rebuild statues, shrines, stupas and pagodas in the second game in the Globetrotter Game Series.

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  • LUDOS Asia


    'Preserve games of the past for the generations of the future'. 4 two-player, handpicked, ancient strategy games from Japan, Mongolia, Nepal and Korea.

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Bagh Chal played in primary school, Nepal

Donations 💝

Our mission is to not only create great games, but to have a positive social impact: we give back to the countries that inspire our games.

In the past we donated 1000 Bagh Chal games to Karkhana Samuha, a local NGO in Nepal, who distributed the games in educational institutions, organized Bagh Chal tournaments and coordinated with teachers to design actual lessons and activities around the game.

With the help of our Kickstarter Backers, the Reviving Kathmandu campaign allowed us to donate $1 after each game sold to All Hands and Hearts NGO's Nepal Relief program to support the 2015 post-earthquake reconstruction works of a primary school.

If you know an NGO, school or other organisation that could use our help, please do not hesitate to drop us an email below 👇

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