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We design games inspired by our travel adventures. Join our journey and play your way around the globe 🌎

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Globetrotter Game Series

Inspired by our travels, each game in the series takes players to a different country. What we provide for your journey: a suitcase with all components (game box), a passport (rulebook) and a boarding pass (game summary). Collect the entire series and travel the world with us!

  • Chili Mafia cards

    Chili Mafia


    'The card game that packs heat' is the first game in the Globetrotter Series. Travel to Mexico to become the most respected Chili Mafia boss!

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  • Bagh Chal game board

    Bagh Chal


    'Tiger game' is the first game in the Pocket Game Series. Trap tigers & devour goats in this ancient Nepali 2-player abstract strategy game.

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  • Reviving Kathmandu


    'Bid. Collect. Build.'

    Travel to Nepal to rebuild statues, shrines, stupas and pagodas in the second game in the Globetrotter Series.

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