Chili Mafia cards

Chili Mafia

Inspired by Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

Chili Mafia, the first game in the Globetrotter Series, is a fun 2-8 player set-collection party card game. Play individually or in teams, and build chili pepper gangs to score the most points in the 'Card game that packs heat'.

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How to play

Your objective is to build the strongest chili pepper gangs by placing at least 3 identical (Brotherhood Gang) or 3 different (Mixed Gang) chili cards on the table and score the most points by the end of the game. Turn up the heat with different mafia actions (Hot cards) and do other sneaky stuff (Action cards). Look out for the Dawn Raid and rearrange your Chili Gangs to earn double points for your Brotherhood Gangs. After the last round, see who controls the most influential Chili Mafia family!

  • Shelf Clutter

    β€˜Much better designed than Unstable Unicorns or Exploding Kittens!’

    -Adam Singer-

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  • Board game sanctuary

    'Chili Mafia is a fun, quick, easy-to-learn game that will add some spice to everyone's board game night.'

    -Ken & Lee-

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  • Tabletopping

    'I am certain, Chili Mafia will frequently get played at our family parties in the future'


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