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Chili Mafia sticker album

Chili Mafia sticker album

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The Chili Mafia sticker album contains the profile of each Chili Pepper Mafioso, including their danger level, citizenship, eye color, height, weight, codename, special marks and the place they were last spotted. Collect all the Chili Mafiosi stickers and stick them in the album in their rightful place.

The size of the album is approximately 4" x 7"(11cm x 18cm), and features all 16 Chili Pepper Mafiosi through 20 pages.


šŸ”øx1 Sticker album with Chili Mafiosi profiles (stickers not included)

About the game

Inspired by Mexico šŸ‡²šŸ‡½

The first game in the Globetrotter Game Series, Chili mafia is a 2-8 player set-collection party card game. Play individually or in teams, and build chili pepper gangs to score the most points in the 'Card game that packs heat'.

Thank you for the 734 backers who supported this project on Kickstarter.


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