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Bagh Chal

Inspired by NepalπŸ‡³πŸ‡΅

The first game in the Pocket Game Series, Bagh Chal is a 2-player abstract strategy game, native to the country of Nepal. One player controls a herd of 20 goats, the other controls 4 tigers.

Get your travel-sized copy and support the survival of this ancient game!

Thank you for all 2647 backers who helped us bring this version of Bagh Chal to life on Kickstarter.

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Bagh Chal Nepal board game

On the brink of extinction

We met Bagh Chal in 2019 when we spent a couple of days in Kathmandu. Recently we got to know that this ancient game is slowly being forgotten. That's why, we decided to give this game a fresh new look and put it in a travel-friendly pouch to make it appealing to younger generations. Get your copy or just spread the word to contribute to the survival of this ancient Nepali game!

To learn more about the game, watch this video from the local Bagh Chal champion of Kathmandu, Mr. Sagar Maharjan.

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  • Better Half Reviews

    β€˜A portable, beautiful game of strategy, and for a good cause!’


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  • Board Game Sanctuary

    'Charming, challenging, calculated!'


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  • The Game Table

    'Bagh Chal offers a simple, fast asymetric challenge - everyone's eager to play again.'


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How to play

Your objective as GOATS is to trap all 4 tigers, as TIGERS is to capture 5 goats. Setup: place the 4 tigers in the 4 corners of the board. The game is played in 2 phases. In phase 1, the Goat player places 1 Goat onto an available space on the board, then the Tiger player moves 1 tiger. Players continue alternating turns until there are no Goats left to be placed. Tigers can move in 1 of 2 ways: walk or capture a goat by jumping over one. Once all goats are placed on the board, the 2nd phase begins where Goats use their turns to walk as well. Tigers win if they capture 5 Goats. Goats win if all 4 Tigers are trapped. To learn more, watch the How to play video below.

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