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Chili Mafia all-in bundle 🔥🔥🔥

Chili Mafia all-in bundle 🔥🔥🔥

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Our hottest offering! Caution! Contents are hot. Handle with care!

Chili Mafia is a fun 2-8 player set-collection party card game that plays in 20-40 minutes. Play individually or in teams, and build chili pepper gangs to score the most points.

This copy includes everything you need to play the game with 2-8 players PLUS ALL THE EXTRAS!


🔸Chili Mafia base game 

🔸Chili Mafia Goodfellas Expansion:

     x38 new Chili pepper mafiosi cards with special abilities

     x16 Hot Property cards

🔸Chili Mafia playmat

🔸x1 Rumble promo pack (includes 15 cards)

🔸x1 'Taste me' promo pack (includes 6 cards)

🔸x3 Chili Mafia hot sauces in collaboration with Torchbearer Sauces (3 x 1.7oz/50ml)

🔸x1 Sticker album with Chili Mafiosi profiles (20 pages)

🔸x17 Chili Mafia stickers

🔸x1 Chili Mafia Print & Play

🔸x1 Holofoil ‘Dawn Raid’ card

🔸220+ ivory core linen finish cards

🔸Magnetic, sleeve-friendly game box 

🔸English rulebook (digital rulebook available in 10 languages)


About the game

Inspired by Mexico 🇲🇽

The first game in the Globetrotter Game Series, Chili mafia is a 2-8 player set-collection party card game. Play individually or in teams, and build chili pepper gangs to score the most points in the 'Card game that packs heat'.

Thank you for the 734 backers who supported this project on Kickstarter.


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